SATINS was founded in 2012 to provide opportunities for K-12 students to fly their science experiments in a near-space environment. There are unique opportunities with HAB (High Atmospheric Balloon) activities now that commercial Near Space Tourism is a reality that together will lead to a strengthening of America’s role as the world engine of innovation in just over the next decade. Students and teachers will develop their very own near space program and network with classrooms nationwide in a variety of ways; joint space missions, friendly competitions, local, state, and national science fairs, workshops, and more.
As manned development programs progress within the commercial space tourism industry, SATINS will advance to flying teachers (of all grade levels) and College level students on manned flights lasting up to 3 hours 20 to 30 miles above the Earth, each flight participant will experience the chance of a life-time to fly into near space and the opportunity to share those experiences in real time with their classrooms below.

Questions about SATINS?

If you are interested in the program or have any questions, please contact us   
To achieve our overall mission SATINS has multiple programs that focus on an educational strategy designed to work with students throughout their entire k-12 years, and beyond; as each student progresses through elementary, junior high and high school so too does their level of participation. The highest level of achievement within SATINS, (as a graduating senior) is being selected for the Student Stratonaut Program wear in College students will begin to train for manned missions into near space in support of the global scientific community. We want to give students a taste of what’s possible with a STEM education and career.

Apply to participate in the 2016/2017 school year today!

SATINS Sr. Management Team
David Jankowski SATINS
Dr. Patrick J. Navin STAINS
Dr. Patrick J. Navin 

Is a degreed Chemical/Environmental Professional with over 20 years experience as a Science Teacher-teaching various level students science and mathematics.
Over 20 years experience as an Environmental Chemists-sampling, testing, analysis, evaluation, and remediation of waters, soils, wastes, and air.
University of North Texas; Denton, Texas-Bachelor of Science Degree - Chemistry .
University of North Texas; Denton, Texas-Graduate studies work in Analytical / Physical Chemistry .
University of Texas Austin-Undergraduate work in Chemical Engineering.
Worked as a Engineering Tech for an Aerospace company on the L.(Leading) E.(Edge) S.(Space) S.(Shuttle) program for the US Space Shuttle.
David M. Jankowski 
Founder and CEO of The SATINS program

David has over 20 years experience in business management, marketing, and design. 13 years experience working in the commercial aerospace industry consultant and concept designer developing key business model concepts for markets that include CubeSat, Lunar Lander, Orbital refueling, cargo re-supply, and Earth/Moon communication systems.

Developed the concept for 
ASTROWORLD: A "Theme Park" model for supporting commercial space tourism. 

"My introductory into the world of commercial space tourism was back in 2004 after publishing my paper on the concept that is now called ASTROWORLD

I received an email from another space concept designer that read "Buzz Aldrin, a friend of 20 years suggested I contact you"
SATINS Icarus Flight Team
John Kernkamp
Senior Lab Technician for SATINS Special Projects

John is co-owner, and Chief Engineer for the Ventenna Company, LLC, which designs and manufactures specialized radio antennas. With worldwide distribution, customers include the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DOD, as well as various international governments. He also holds three patents in the fields of antenna design, and industrial motor control methods.

John has been an Amateur Radio operator since 1972, and holds the Extra Class License, the highest level license for Ham Radio. His Call Sign is WB4YJT.

Nampa Idaho July 2nd 2016
Image taken by: Paul Verhage
SATINS CEO David Jankowski, Senior Lab Technician John Kernkemp, Ground and Recovery crew: Rachel Verhage,Ethan HowardTed Cesler and Heather Cesler
Also pictured: Third Man Records & ICARUS Designer Kevin Carrico - 
Not pictured:Senior Flight Technician Paul Verhage 
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