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Capsule 3 Angle View
This version is simply a rough concept of a manned near space vehicle. Sealed to only one atmosphere. 
Fly-By Video
This video provides a general flight profile with a focus on multiple flight angles.
Capsule Stretch View
This example shows the versatility of the design as a multi-reconfigurable mission specific high altitude vehicle.
HELIOS Program Capsule
Build View
​The simple design aspect of this vehicle takes advantage of using 100% off-the-shelf technology to reduce cost, manufacturing/assembly time, and to ensure crew safety.
Science Rack View
Airlock View
Cell Phone View
The airlock can be made available underneath as pictured or on the side of the spacecraft. 
Science racks can support an unlimited array of experiments from educational to the scientific community. 
This view from the perspective of a cell phone offers an example of what a space tourist may record during flight.
YouTube 360° VR CGI Animation Test
This CGI Animation Test video allows you to view the interior of Helios in low resolution 360° VR.  

Using a PC and Google Chrome will give you best viewing results as smartphones, tablets and other browsers may not be supported. 

By right-clicking anywhere in the video and choosing the "Loop" option you can see continuous play. 
If you have any questions regarding the Helios program or would like more information, please contact us:
Interior Capsule View
This interior view provides more detail of the center floor air-lock hatch, data monitor, floor and ceiling LED lighting, and the G-force shock support for the seating. Outside focuses on the science racks where you can see the Sun-Tracker camera and Tracking Satellite. Both will provide continuous tracking of the Solar Eclipse and Iridium Satellite network in Low Earth Orbit regardless of vehicle's rotation.  
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