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Students And Teachers In Near Space, which we call SATINS, is a program designed to provide an opportunity to conduct STEM research projects for k-12 students.
SATINS encourages’ students to pursue careers in STEM by offering a truly unique opportunity to work hands-on with creating and developing their very own educational space programs. This incredible opportunity is FREE to all students and educators.

SATINS (Pronounced sat-ins) is a nonprofit program of manned and unmanned exploration of near space. Students and teachers will first begin by building and sending experiments to altitudes of around 100,000 feet – basically passing through 99.9% of Earth’s atmosphere to the very edge of space working with launch kits provided by our supplier High Altitude Science.

When we developed each of the four SATINS programs—that you will soon learn more about—we did so with today’s students and teachers’ in mind because we believe the future quality of life depends on the excellence of our education. Today’s technology has opened doors to unique and innovative ways for how we can refocus the education of our youth. The future, as we choose to see it, is limited only by one’s imagination. We believe the SATINS – and the integral STEM relationship—can contribute to the continued improvement in science and technology and thus to the quality of life.

SATINS is a collaborative effort, a working relationship in support of a common goal, and although the SATINS program begins in the classroom by launching student experiments high above the Earth using stratospheric weather balloons, I can assure you, that the goals for SATINS rise much further in fact!

Thanks in part to companies like zero2infinity of Barcelona Spain and World View Enterprises of Tucson Arizona. Zero2infinity is currently developing a family of near space modules called “bloon” and have already completed three successful test flights of their systems. World View recently announced their plans for providing near space flights right here in the U.S. and have begun successful test flights of their own systems and are even breaking records in the process for the highest parafoil flight at 120,000ft.

SATINS begins with the Educator Space Program; This program takes place within the classroom and is where students will get to expand their imagination and meet the challenges required for honing their skills as engineers of their very own scientific payloads; after much testing and re-configuring of their on-board flight systems their payload will be ready for launch.

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Student Stratonaut Prog

Educator Stratonaut Prog

Support from the community is key to making SATINS successful within classrooms across the United States. 
The student Stratonaut program works to inspire students like never before by giving them the chance to conduct a real manned mission into the upper stratosphere.
The Educator Stratonaut program will provide teachers with opportunities to participate in the SATINS manned near space program paid for via corporate and public donations.
Today is a great opportunity for you to empower your students to take a journey to the Cosmos, to embrace the inspirational wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
This page was last updated: February 11, 2017
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